Universale Manipulator

Universal manipulator

The investigation on the creation of experimental lift-load truck have been carried out by National University “Lvivska Polytechnika” together with the Production Amalgamation “Avtovantagmash”. The lift-load truck was equipped by basic modernized manipulator of load processing. It was used for the wide range of various loads. It also had the function of centring of load. In the prospect, the manipulator was to be provided with the possibility of weighting of load. In the working mode the operation of weightin was used as a separate element of technological process of load handling. Its combination with the operation of centring and transporting – is a promising way of the efficiency increasing of the lift load truck in the working mode. The next step was the creation of the complex system of management of lift load truck.
The systems of automatic control are used for optimization of work of transmission and partly system of braking. During work with a load only the informative devices are used. The expansion of range of application of such systems would promote productivity and safety of work of lift load truck. The basic problem, that restrains the wide use of the systems of automatic control is the high cost. Therefore, In the process of the development of the experimental manipulator, the idea of creation of the complex system of management appeared. Due to the integration of functions the necessity of duplication of its elements would be unreasonable, that would allow the considerably simplification and reducement of the system price.

Fig. 1. Lift load truck 40928 with the universal manipulator