Robotized Warehouse

The growth of ammount of loads processing requires the improvement of load handling equipment. One of directions is the perfection of construction.
It requires a new approach to the principle of load processing and to all infrastructure of vehicle transportations. Other more simpler and more effective approach is the creation of the complex system of robots of load handling. In such systems robotizovani navantagouvalno-rozvantagouvalni machines are the base elements of treatment of loads (like fork lift truck - RoboTruck) (figure). Such machines must provide moving and load handling on territory of warehouse, its load on transport means. Thus, such machines should include self-training modw (to have the minimum set of typical elementary algorithms of load handling) – ones showing the route there is no need for the operator to control the process of load handling (carriage, hold of ship, basket of car). The RoboTruck would do the task and wold pass the algorithm of this problem for the rest of machines. A central computer determines the order and speed of the RoboTrucks vehicles transport of clients, provides RoboTrucks with untypical algoritmati in case of necessity.

Figure. Functioning of robotize warehouse

A RoboTruck should have minimum intercourse with a man – “do as I do”. For this purpose it should have the organs of sight and ear. Among the elementary algorithms of load handling should be:
Algorithm of choice of lighthouses at moving on a route.
Algorithm of attachment and monitoring of lighthouses
Algorithm of lighthouse in case of dynamic change of environment
Algorithm of determination of control of operator’s and sound commands
Another way of creation of manipulator design for the load handling does not differ much from the constructions already known but the same time provided by the effective load handling.
In National University “Lvivska Polytechnika” the creation of experimental fork lift truck with modernized manipulator of load handling was carry out. The specific feature of the was the functions of centring of load. In the working mode the operation of weighing was used as a separate element of technological process of load handling. The combination of the operation weighing with the operation of centering and transporting would raise the efficiency of the use of fork lift truck in the working mode.
The system of automatic control are used for optimization of work of transmission and, partly, of the system of braking. During work with the load only the informative devices are used. The widening of the range of application of such systems would promote productivity and safety of work. The basic problem is the high cost of automatic control systems. Therefore, the idea of creation of the complex system of management appered. The integration of functions would allow to simplify the system considerably and to reduce in price.