City EcoMonitoring Project

Contamination of the air is a key factor, that negatively affects the state of the natural environment of the city. From the Worldwide organization of health protection it is stated that from 40-50% of human diseases in our time can be related to the change of the environment and, above all things, with contamination of the atmosphere.
The level of pollution within the city of L'viv is caused by both motor vehicles and structure based pollutants (such as factories). The main cause of pollution in L'viv is due to motor vehicles. It is known, that at the burning 1kg of petrol over 500g of contaminating matters can be secreted and about 50g at the burn 1kg of diesel fuel. Motor vehicle pollution makes up approximately 77% of the air pollution in the city.
Also the pollution in small volumes of hazardous toxic substances over normal rates influence the quality of the atmospheres air.
Therefore basic measures need to be taken to prevent mass pollution from motor vehicles and other hazardous pollutants. Furthermore development of a system that monitors pollution is necessary.
Pollution from motor vehicles in terms of individual transportation, in the gross amount of pollutants emitted for the year 2000 equaled 77% of them: carbondioxide -90%, dioxides of nitrogen-40%, volatile organic compounds-80%.
By basic factors, the affect of contamination of atmospheric air by pollution from motor vehicles is evident, there is considerable growth of vehicle parking and increased volumes of international ricing from Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary, slow development of transportation infrastructure poor traffic organization, lag of operation base, low ecological value of vehicles, and inefficient fuel in relation to modern requirements. Aggravates ecological situation in a town and there is an absence of sufficient problem solving, out of date pollution standards and ineffective administrative and economic measures.

Figure. Necessary Precautions To Limit Motor Vehicle Pollution

Motor vehicles create pollution in the air at ground level where it quickly aggravates humans breathing and organs. In order to decrease the pollution from motor vehicles for ecological reasons the following actions need to be taken (fig):
●       Development of the transportation infrastructure and perfection of traffic organization;
●       development of public transportation;
●       preparation and introduction of measures on what kinds of fuel are acceptable in terms of ecology for the L'viv region;
●       perfection of the system of ecological control of vehicles, in that number and permanent monitoring of the emissions from vehicles within the center of the city.