City Traffic Project

At the present time there is a very urgent problem with the management of transportation especially in large cities. Due to the increase in both public and personal vehicles streets are overcrowded slowing down all traffic as well as causing more accidents. This problem is of extraordinary importance in L'viv, this is partly due to the increase of traffic, as well as the lack of street development resulting in extensive traffic jams of main streets, especially in the central part of the city.

Causes and consequences of traffic jams:
●       slow movement
●       failure to obey traffic laws, which increases the number of accidents
●       ineffective transportation
●       time consuming increasing tardiness
●       economic losses to all sectors of the population
●       disrupts the normal life cycle

Transportation issues within the city

1.       Due to the structure of the city and the layout of natural and artificial obstacles, traffic is forced to take longer routes in order to reach their destinations when traveling between districts.:
2.       In towns there are many knots that limit the carrying capacity of all main roads, and require immediate reconstruction.
3.       Many roads within L'viv are too narrow and don't even meet the requirements of (SNIP)
4.       Already narrow streets are made even narrower when the Streetcars stop to pick up more passengers.
5.       Insufficient parking space further limits the width of roads and adds to traffic jams.
6.       Automobile transportation creates an unpleasant ecological problem, approximately 70-80% of emissions from automobiles is harmful.
7.       The creation of shopping centers will increase the amount of people visiting the city.
8.       The development of new housing districts (Sihivsciy, Zboisha, Lisinichi) requires a well managed street network.
9.       Absence of materials for inspection that portray the actual picture of the load of traffic within the streets, hinders the prognostication of new transport streams and timely decision of questions for optimum organization of new road networks.
10.       Due to the absence of an efficient traffic control center the monitoring of traffic is lacking the specialists necessary in order to ensure that the traffic infrastructure is improved.