Wind Energy

Modern wind energy is one of the most developed and perspective industries of alternative energy. Options enable the minimum usage of organic types of fuel and improve the state of environment due to decreased pollution. In industrialized countries the development of wind energy is directed foremost on the creation of more powerful wind energy stations. In Ukraine this direction also acquired substantial development. However, the wind energy is not sufficient for the agricultural production and there is not a sufficient ratio of electricity supply to the land area. Wind energy needs large-scale development in many different areas. As a result of low quality power stations Kilowatt Per Hour is limited to 20 (KPH). There is a difference between the power these energy plants are supposed to emit and the amount that they actually emit. This is due to the low quality and unstable energy supplies within the country and it is especially bad in the rural areas as rural building intensifies and there are more and more demands for more energy.

Marketing researchers of wind energy equipment in Ukraine testify that potential users intend to use wind energy for urgent necessities , in particular in the sources of feed, production, and domestic equipment by an electric current, in the hot and cold water systems and heating, for the grade of corn , the growing of forages, illumination, charging of accumulators, and air supply for storage pools. On prognosis, in the nearest future Ukraine will require 170 thousand windmills that output small power, from them a station with 110 thousand wind mills and one with 60 thousand windmills.

Ìn agriculture the energy of wind will help to save fuel and electric power in the highest energy demanding technological processes of plant grower and stock raising, and also to provide energy to autonomous users that are remote from the basis of the centralized energy supply.

Ukraine is today found on a transitional stage, which in the economic relations is characterized by the change of form of ownership of equipment and capital goods, from a public domain to a private one. In an agrarian sector the appearance of private commodity production farmer, for the state of whose hostess weak financial position ownership of small pieces of land is typical, considerable difficulties in weak energy supply and low quantity of production characterize it. Therefore it is important for him that there is an opportunity to acquire a cheap autonomous power plant. Experiences of highly economically developed countries show that for this purpose in an agrarian sector it is expedient to use autonomous wind energy systems.

The analysis of wind streams on the walks of life of Ukraine show that dominantly there are winds with speeds of 3-7 m/s, that is small potency mills. Therefore for the commodity producer of Ukraine it is importance to have Autonomous Wind Energy Systems (AWES), which effectively would work herein, characteristically molded for our countries specific needs.

Advantages of slow AWES:

1. The modern farmer of Ukraine has small portions of land in the economy, that forces him to set AWES small power very close to housing and production apartments. For this reason AWES must be slow, as such a decision would keep the environment cleaner.

2. For the small economies expediently to use power up to 10 Kilowatts an hour.

3. Make AWES technology slow and simple

4. Slow AWES effective wind speeds are 3-5m/s

5. It is easy to install AWES systems at concrete geographic locations with the necessary wind s.

6. Possibility of the use of module construction

7. Within three years the windmill will have produced enough energy to cover the construction costs.

8. Prime price of one KPH is not much more than the cost in a standard power plant.

For overcoming difficulties in finding manufacturers of low powered cheap slow power stations.