Short Novels

A human being needs changes by nature. Changes can be various: from the change of hairstyle to the change of surrounding. The feeling of, something new, gives us different viewpoint, that remains in our memory and then, perhaps, becomes a history.
One can improve oneself, one may create one’s surrounding, one may change that surrounding. The change of surrounding is a kind of traveling – for short distances from your flat to the local shop and for long distance - to different parts of the world.
While traveling every one looks for something which is essential only for that person. But in each case the element of something new, unusual, special should be present – inside of you or around you.
Have you ever tried to force your way through the heart of a forest in heavy rain and roaring thunder towards the only aim – which is the most important at the moment – a dry shelter under trees, somewhere at the edge of that forest? You are muffling down the inner scream of fear. Deep inside of you, but it's getting out like a ball jumping out from underwater. You cannot afford any panic, so you try to control feeling and then to use that fear. Threading your way through the thicket, you think, "Damn!Damn the forest, the rain, the whole idea of the journey!". You thoughts go back to thedream of rocking chair in front of the fireplace and you are hundred percents sure that this adventure is the last in your life.
Here you are, back home, again tired, dirty, smelling with smoke and forest, drop all your clothes in the far corner of the room. From now on, you are overfilled with the impressions forever and you are going to live a new, quiet and quiet life. You live with this feeling the first few months.
Then something strange is going on with in you. That wet forest doesn't look so wild anymore; the swamp you were creeping, swimming through or just walking in the dirt to your neck doesn't look so dangerous as well; bears and tigers look very much like domestic animals to you. So the journey is something worth doing. Because even the most luxury restaurant can't give you the smokey smell and taste of burnt porridge branded with fur-tree needles. And the white loaf from bakery can't be compared with dried bread you have been eating.
And what about sun rise? You are sitting at the edge of the rock and the whole heavenly planet with boundless white fields of clouds is at your feet while sun is slowly rising up in silent music. This wonderful picture will disappear in a moment, clouds will fly away and only fjords are going to stay bespattered with pieces of fog.
But the sun rise melody will stay inside of you. This is the melody which genius musicians haven't created yet, this is the scenery which genius artists haven't painted yet. And they will never do. Because it's yours. This moment of Eternity is given to you by Universe. You have seen it. They – didn't.
After each similar trip a special peace appears in your soul which diffuses with time being.
Then you start to thinking about the new adventures...
And that will be forever.