Lift Transporting Vehicles

The investigation of the lift – load truck’s productivity

The weight of load of the left – load trucks makes one third of the total weight of the vehicle. Thus, it is impossible to neglect the influence of the position of the load on its operating characten’stics.
It is investigated in the project the influence of load position on the operating characteristics of lift – load truck and the driver himself.

The experimental data don’t give the full picture of the influence of the load position on the productivity of the vehicle. Thus, it became necessary to make complex investigation of this problem taking the work of the lift load truck at operating conditions as an example.

The investigation consists of the following stages:
The control of the influence of load position on the operating characteristics of lift – load truck.
Projects and constructive solving of limitation of the negative influence of non – balanced load.
The determining of the efficiency of the worked out items in terms of the increasing of productivity of the vehicle in general.
Leavning of limitations of innovations’ application and their further widening
The aim of the carried out investigations is the creation of advanced lift – load truck with the improved exploitation characteristics.

The investigations have been carried out by the Department of Exploitation and Repairing of Automobile Engineering of the National University „Lvivska Polytechnika”, production amalgamation „Autovantaszmash” and Lviv experimental repairing and mechanic plant.
Besides, the experimental specimen of the lift – load truck with fork lateral shift has been created, which carries the main complex of investigations.
The idea of the creation of complex system of control and handling of load procession and other units of the vehicle has been suggested at working out of the alignment device.
The results of the experiments were taken as the basis of dissertation for the degree of the Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Last innovation: 20 October 2005